Néphara 2017
Born in 1976, in Belgium, I don't remember a memory of me without a pencil in my hand. Since my childhood, I was attracted by the French-Belgian comics, the Spidey, the Strange for Marvel and other DC comics. especially for the world of manga that began to be imported via the Japanese animations in France thanks to children's programs. It had to happen, I ended up in the fine arts studying painting, volumes, comics and drawing. During the 90's I made portraits of rock artists and made them talk in comics in some Fanzine In Belgium. From 2000 to 2006, some exhibitions of solo or group paintings and work for several boxes as a graphic designer. In 2006, I landed in France, and I worked in webdesign and computer graphics from 2007 to 2010. 2014, first exhibition in France at the Gondecourt disc and comic book fair, organized by former Euromotard. Entry into the association Euromotard and Change of name of it by the members in Rock t'en Bulles. And since Administrator of the site and graphic designer of the said association. 2016, release of my First Artbook, with the total of the works of the two years to the before. 2017 Project launch of my manga. Since then I devote entirely to my family life, my work and the association.
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